The People and Systems (PAS) Lab has been developing since 2004. Since then PAS Lab has expanded to become a well‐focused research Domain operating across the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology and externally. PAS Lab has become an internationally known research entity, with the research focus of the group having been recognised by the scholarly community and collaborative partners as novel.


PAS Lab applies its research expertise to enhance and enrich people’s experiences with systems, products, activities and services. The PAS Lab’s approach is about creating ‘enriching experiences’ rather than ‘designing objects’ and to understand and model those experiences within services and systems. PAS Lab research extends toward cross‐disciplinary collaboration integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches.


  • The PAS Lab has more than 100 refereed publications, 13 current HDR students and 15 completed HDR students (PhD and Master by Research)
  • The research group consists of 6 key researchers, 16 external research collaborators and 17 national and international research and commercial partners


Leading PAS Lab Researchers



PAS Lab Knowledge Transfer



PAS Lab Major Research Association Membership

  • Design Research Society (DRS) Council 2010‐2012 (Popovic)
  • Design Research Society (DRS) Membership (Blackler and Chamorro‐Koc), UK
  • OZ CHI (Kraal and Popovic)
  • ACM CHI (Popovic) (US)
  • Design Research Society (DRS) Fellowship (Popovic), UK
  • ICSID Advisor (Popovic)



  • ARC Discovery (DP0877964) Facilitating intuitive interaction with complex devices for older users
  • ARC Linkage (LP0990135) Airports of the Future
  • ARC Linkage (LP0882065) Remote patient assessment using digital stethoscope for telehealth systems in Australia 
  • AusHSI Stimulus Grant: Improving eHealth system experiences of people with intellectual and developmental disability



  • 2011 Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Paper at IASDR 2011 in Delft; two awards: (i) Gomez, Popovic and Blackler and (ii) Gudur, Blackler, Popovic and Mahar; number of papers selected for this award: 40 (380 presented)
  • 2011 Engineering Excellence Award, Airports of the Future, Pilot project Team (PAS Lab researchers: Popovic, Kraal and Kirk)
  • 2009 VC Excellence Award‐Team Award (Airports of the Future)
  • 2009 Design Studies Award (Short listed: 5 shortlisted worldwide) Chamorro‐Koc, Popovic and Emisson
  • 2009 Dr Chao Zhao Research and Innovation Award (Australia China Council)
  • 2008 Dr Chao Zhao Award as best PhD student in Design (Chinese Government)
  • 2007 Vice Chancellor’s Performance award for research and teaching (Blackler)
  • 2007 Vice Chancellor’s Performance award for research leadership (Popovic)
  • 2005 Design Research Society (DRS) Fellowship Award (Popovic)
  • 2003 Excellent Paper Award at the 6th Asian International Design Conference (Popovic)


The researchers within PAS Lab have been invited to be:

  • ARC Reviewers (Blackler, Popovic)
  • Expert adviser for IATA (Popovic)
  • Members of editorial board for peer referred journals
  • Reviewers for prestigious journals such as Design Studies, Interacting with Computers, Applied Ergonomics, International Journal of Design and International Journal of Engineering Design
  • Reviewers for international/national conference such as Design Research Society International Conference, IASDR (International Association of Design Research Societies), Design and Emotion, Human – computer Interaction (ACM CHI) and OZCHI
  • Invited speakers at national and international conferences
  • Session chairs at national and international conferences