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Intuitive Interaction


Associate Professor Thea Blackler - Project Leader 


INTUITIVE INTERACTION involves the use of knowledge gained from other products and/or experiences. Therefore products that people use intuitively are those with features, functions and/or processes that they are familiar with. This focus area explores the meanings and applications behind INTUITIVE INTERACTION; what it is, how/why it happens and how design can facilitate it.


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Experience and Expertise


Professor Vesna Popovic and Dr Ben Kraal - Project Co-Leaders


EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE explores interrelationships between activities, experience, and expertise within complex systems. It explores experiences and people’s interactions across various artifacts, systems and services such as airports, hospitals or health services. 


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Context of Use


Dr Marianella Chamorro-Koc - Project Leader


The CONTEXT OF USE area focuses on products, technologies and complex systems to provide an understanding of the relationship between; use, activity, task and situation during people’s interactions with products. Widespread advancements in technology have altered the social environment and transformed the way people work, interact and maintain relationships. 


We view CONTEXT of people’s interactions with objects and technologies as a dynamic entity that changes according to the user’s experience and culture.


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