Research Methods


The PAS Lab focuses on the application of the following research methods and techniques:

  • Observations - field studies and laboratory experiments
  • Think (talk) aloud protocol
  • Co‐discovery
  • Interviews


These methods are supported by the relevant software data analysis packages:

  • Noldus Observer
  • Portable Noldus Observer

  • Noldus Face Reader
  • Atlas.ti
  • Tobii Eye Tracking System


Physical Infrastructure


The laboratory itself is a world‐class state‐of‐the‐art space designed explicitly to research human experiences with artefacts and systems.


PAS Lab Facilities


Noldus The Observer

Logging software for the collection, analysis and presentation of observational data.


This software allows our researchers to:

  • Analyse observational video recordings and Tobii observations
  • Code and describe human behaviour 
  • Create maps and visualisations of observations
  • Code real time observations using handheld Pocket Observer


Noldus Face Reader

Software allowing the automatic analysis facial expressions, providing users with an objective assessment of a person's emotion


For more information visit The Noldus Observer website







Tobii Eye Tracking System


The Tobii system consists of Tobii glasses and recording assistant worn by the participant during observations.


Tobii Eye Tracking System


Tobii eye tracking technology records visual footage as seen by the participant. Sensors track eye movements, identifying exact location of what the participant is looking at.


Tobii Capabilities

  • Diverse data collection, supporting a range of environments
  • Suitable for observing interactions in large environments and in close proximity
  • Useful for recording interactions with technology and systems

For more information visit the Tobii website